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Thomas Walsh

Las Vegas, NV


Tom Walsh - I am very pleased to offer fine-quality prints from my extensive collection of Antique Maps, Prints and vintage photos of Guam and Micronesia for sale. I also plan to add selected pieces from my personal photography as well. It will take some time to upload all the items, so check back as new items will be added weekly.

Many of the Antique Maps and Prints for sale here are displayed in the Tamuning Branch of the First Hawaiian Bank on Guam.

I was the Owner/Operator of the first commercial photography studio on Guam. Extensive training and education in photographic principals and techniques. Former Regional Director, Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Instructor at the Naval Medical School, School of Medical Photography. Winona School of Professional Photography. Graphic Design and production techniques. Extensive Awards and exhibits.

My photographic work has appeared worldwide including the covers and features of prestigious magazines and publications. Photographed the official portrait for 6 Governors of Guam. I published Glimpses of Guam magazine. Living on Guam for 40 years I collected an extensive collection of antique maps and prints of Guam and the Pacific. Included in the collection are the works of Paul Jacoulet. In cooperation with Mary Deeming I held several exhibits of Jacoulet prints.


Carte De L Archipel de St Lazare ou les Isles Marianes by Bellin


Map of Agana Village Guam by A Berard


De L Ile Gwam Guam by Freycinet DuPerry


Femme De L Ile Guam Josephe Cortez by Jacques Arago


L Ile Guam Femme Allant a L Eglise by Jacques Arago


Delorida Guham Guam by Jacques Arago


Josefa Martines et Panchita Reyes by Massart


Reine de carolines Queen of the Carolines on Tinian by Jacques Arago


Carolinois et Carolinoise Vue Sur lIle Guam by Jacques Arago


Traditional customs of the Chamorro Classes by d Apres A Pellion


Vue dUne Distillerie Sur L Ile Guam Distillery scene on Guam by d Apres A Pellion


Eglise A Guam Church on Guam by Dumont d Urville de Sainson


Vue De La Baie dUmata Umatic Bay by dUrville duSainson


Guam. People of Umatic by Jacques Arago


Couvent d Umata Convent in Umatic by Sainson


Farming on Guam Island by d apres Pellion


Dugout outriggers from the Carolines seen on Tinian Island by d apres A Berard and A Taunay


Traditional fishing methods on Guam by A Pelion


Everyday Items on Guam and Mariannas by dApres Duperrey


Iles Mariannes Architecture Ancienne et Moderne by E Olivier


House of Taga Tinian Latte Stone by Jacques Araga


A Flying Proa taken at the Ladronne Islands Guam by Anson


Proa of Satawal Archipel Des Carolines by Dumont d Urville


Guam Proa Batiment Leger Des Isles Des Larron by Ex Anson


The Landing Place at Palau by ex Keats


Abai on Palau by Artist Unknown


Pandanus Fruit Guam Marianas by Choris


Breadfruit by I Miller


Arbre aPain Breadfruit branch by Benard


Cocoa Nut Palm Cocos Nucifera by eGuam Image


Agana Capital of Guam Panorama by eGuam Panoramic Photo


Tumon Bay Guam by eGuam Panoramic Photo


Street Scene Inarajan Guam by eGuam Panoramic Photo


Ox Cart Guam 1907 by eGuam Photo


Governors Palace Guam by eGuam Photo


Agana River by eGuam Photo


Ranch Scene San Antonio Guam by eGuam Photo


Tumon Beach Guam by eGuam Photo


Apurguan Beach Guam Marianas Islands by eGuam Photo


Village of Sumay Guam by eGuam Photo


The Avenue of Palms Guam LI by eGuam Photo


Overlooking Umatic by eGuam Photo


Ranch House near Inarajan Guam by eGuam Photo


Ranch House near Inarajan Guam no caption by eGuam Photo


Spice Girl by Thomas Walsh


OMG Girls by Thomas Walsh


Wet Palm by Thomas Walsh


Rain Forest Palau by Thomas Walsh